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image of downtown Flemingsburg at night facing south down Main Cross street

Flemingsburg is a delightful little town to visit and great place to live! Full of historic buildings, it is surrounded by beautiful rolling farmland with three lovely old wooden covered bridges. Antique shops, folk artists, and talented crafters complete the picture of life at an enjoyable pace, along with some Amish and Mennonites living in the countryside. Golf, fishing, camping, swimming, tennis, hiking, hunting, and boating are all available. Simple pleasures can also be enjoyed by taking a late-night stroll around the town square.

Flemingsburg was founded and laid out in 1797 by George Stockton of Virginia and named for his half-brother, Colonel John Fleming. It became the county seat in 1798 when Fleming County, the state’s twenty-sixth, was created. Stockton and Fleming came down the Ohio River by canoe in 1776 and were among the earliest explorers here.

Exploring the old covered bridges in the scenic countryside is a popular tourist activity, and a guide to all of the bridges is available. Covered bridges were first built in the 1790’s, but were not popular until 1814. At one time there were more than 400 covered bridges in Kentucky. Only 13 remain, with Fleming County having three. Each have their own story to tell.

image of Goddard Bridge and church in background with pot of petunias in foreground

Probably the most recognized, the Goddard White Covered Bridge is the only surviving example of Ithiel Town Lattice design in Kentucky, with timbers joined by wooden pegs. The actual date of construction and the original builder is unknown, but the bridge can be traced back to the 1820s. A favorite spot for photographers, the Goddard Bridge frames the Goddard United Methodist Church in the background. A historically accurate renovation was recently completed on this bridge and it is again open to both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

The Grange City Covered Bridge is an 86 foot span over Fox Creek. Replaced by a concrete bridge in 1969, efforts are underway to restore the bridge damaged by four floods. Although no longer open to traffic, the bridge stands majestically amid the surrounding rolling hills.

Tragically, the Sherburne Covered Bridge was destroyed by fire in 1981. It was the only suspended covered bridge in the world. A historical marker identifies the bridge’s location in tribute to the grand structure and its history.

Image of the Ringo's Mill Covered Bridge

The Ringo’s Mill Covered Bridge was erected around 1867-1869 over Fox Creek on Highway 158. The bridge and surrounding community developed because of a grist mill operating on Fox Creek in the mid-1880s. The bridge is not open to automobile traffic but proudly welcomes visitors now as it did over one hundred years ago.

Image of the Sousley Monument

The monument in Elizaville Cemetery commemorates the raising of the American flag at Iwo Jima during World War II. Pfc. Franklin Sousley of Fleming County was one of the U.S. Marines who helped raise the flag.

Image of Drunkard's Path Barn

Starting in the late summer of 2006, Fleming County started a barn quilt project. A year later there are now more than 50 colorful quilts hanging on barns all over the county and even more, will be added as time goes on. A guide to the

“Fleming County Clothesline of Quilts” is available at the Fleming County Chamber of Commerce office for anyone who wants to travel around the county to see them all.

Barn Quilt Brochure